Direct Access

187 Fleet Street provides high-quality advice and advocacy from expert, leading barristers in crime and regulation. Chambers' work has an emphasis on fraud and financial wrongdoing. Our barristers regularly act for individuals and companies in high-profile criminal, regulatory and civil litigation.

Direct Access means that clients may be able to instruct a barrister without recourse to a solicitor. Chambers provides Direct Access to expert barristers.

187 Fleet Street’s barristers can be instructed directly by members of the public and corporate bodies. We operate on a privately funded basis at very competitive rates. A fee structure can be tailored to your individual requirements in consultation with the Senior Clerk of 187 Fleet Street, John Pyne.

We will always endeavour to provide you with a first-class service. Where it is appropriate to do so, we will also recommend leading solicitors and our professional partners to provide full litigation services.

Under Direct Access, 187 Fleet Street’s barristers can provide you with the following services:

  • Advice and advocacy in court and tribunal hearings
  • Pre-charge advice
  • Advice on civil claims and investigations
  • Advice on regulatory compliance
  • Expert interpretation of the law
  • Drafting correspondence and legal documents
  • Advice on collation of evidence
  • Advice on prospects of fighting your case
  • Conducting negotiation
  • Advice and advocacy on appeals
  • Advising on litigation strategy
  • Advice and advocacy in disciplinary proceedings
  • Second opinions

Queen's Counsel

  • Mr Andrew  Trollope QC Andrew Trollope QC 1971
  • Mr Richard Christie QC Richard Christie QC 1986
  • Mr Daniel Janner QC Daniel Janner QC 1980
  • Mr Simon  Mayo QC Simon Mayo QC 1985
  • Mr Jason  Bartfeld QC Jason Bartfeld QC 1995
  • Mr Gideon  Cammerman QC Gideon Cammerman QC 1996
  • Mr Mozammel  Hossain QC Mozammel Hossain QC 2001

Junior Barristers

  • Mr Brian  Reece Brian Reece 1974
  • Mr Peter  Guest Peter Guest 1975
  • Miss Diana Pigot Diana Pigot 1978
  • Mr Gerard Renouf Gerard Renouf 1977
  • Mr Anthony  Rimmer Anthony Rimmer 1983
  • Mr Gareth Hughes Gareth Hughes 1985
  • Mr David Lyons David Lyons 1987
  • Mr Christopher Kerr Christopher Kerr 1988
  • Miss Kate Davey Kate Davey 1988
  • Mr Andrew  Newton Andrew Newton 1989
  • Mr Terence  Woods Terence Woods 1989
  • Mr Neil FitzGibbon Neil FitzGibbon 1989
  • Mr Richard Potts Richard Potts 1991
  • Mr Warwick  Aleeson Warwick Aleeson 1994
  • Mr Adam  Butler Adam Butler 1997
  • Miss Margia Mostafa Margia Mostafa 1999
  • Miss Judith Benson Judith Benson 2016
  • Miss Sasha Bailey Sasha Bailey 2002
  • Mr Ben Hayhurst Ben Hayhurst 2004
  • Mr James Onalaja James Onalaja 2004
  • Mr Greg  Unwin Greg Unwin 2008
  • Mr Donal  Lawler Donal Lawler 2008
  • Mr Gavin Capper Gavin Capper 2015

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