David Lyons

David Lyons was called to the Bar by Middle Temple in 1987.

He is a specialist criminal barrister.

His practice covers the entire range of courts, alone and as a led and leading junior.

He appears in all types of criminal cases but has particular expertise in cases involving; serious sexual offences (including historic rape allegations), computer crime including; fraud, hacking, grooming and indecent image cases, duty and VAT evasion, death by careless and dangerous driving, MCA prosecutions and non-insane automatism caused by prescription drugs particularly the SSRI’s (Prozac etc) in cases of serious violence.

He appears in Courts Martial both in the UK and overseas.

He also appears in disciplinary and regulatory tribunals of all types.

Mr Lyons also has experience of Coroners inquests, acting for the deceased's family, employers, persons allegedly causing the death and other parties

He acts for the Appellants in appeals against the refusal and/or revocation of shotgun and firearms certificates.

In addition to his work in London and the South-East he has an extensive practice in the West Country and is happy to travel to any part of the UK or overseas for the right case.

David Lyons also provides advice on appeal against sentence and conviction in cases where he did not appear in the original trial including historical cases. 

Reported Cases Include

R v Sirignano <1997> EWCA Crim 2824.

R v Owen & Anor <1998> EWCA Crim 3142

R v Owens & Stevens <1999> 2 Cr.A.R. 59.

R v John Smith <1999> EWCA Crim 1906.

R v John James <2000> EWCA Crim 64.

R v Santiago <2005> EWCA Crim 556

R. v. Johnson <2010> 2 Cr.App.R.(S.) 154

R v B Neutral Citation Number: <2012>  EWCA Crim 1433

R. v Kane <2013> EWCA Crim 148 (Trial Counsel and junior for the appeal).

Notable Cases Include


R v JD - Secured the acquittal of a professional boxer after a five week trial on charges of conspiracy to produce and distribute class “A” drugs and money laundering after the police wrongfully seized the proceeds of a charity boxing match as drugs money.

R v E – acquittal on violent robbery, based on telephone evidence.

R v B & B – Defended married couple prosecuted for contempt after failing to attend as witnesses in a GBH trial in which they were the victims. Husband received short custodial sentence and wife was fined.

R v D – Acquittal on class “A” drug supply case, based on telephone evidence.

R v R – violent street robbery based on cell site evidence, retrial awaited after jury discharged for second time.

R v N - Rape and grooming trial, involving false Facebook pages - acquitted on all counts.

R v Marines A, B and C - Court martial involving special forces - case remitted to unit for commanders decision.

R v R- Operation Barlow I where he acted for the alleged ringleader and one other in the (then) largest ever VAT / duty evasion prosecuted by Customs at over £300m, both were acquitted.

R v R- Operation Barlow II, follow on from Barlow I, this time a mere £7.5m.

R v B- £5m “long-firm” fraud in the carpet trade.

R v D– Juvenile alleged to have killed two motorists by moving a road sign, case dismissed at the close of the prosecution case.

R v S – Ex post facto appeal based on the effects of Prozac on a teacher of good character charged with attempting to murder his neighbor, sentence reduced to allow for immediate release.

R v O – Attempted murder / robbery case appeal based on juror who repeatedly used her telephone while in the jury box at the Old Bailey.

R v A– Court martial of Special Forces troops with national security dimension.

R v G- Unreported, at least in the law reports, he acted for a Bank manager who stole over two million pounds and spent it on Parrots!  See The Independent (London), Sep 3, 2003.

R v S  – He appeared for the Defendant in a sex tourism case with over 90 counts on the indictment.  The case involved an interesting point as to proof of age by photos alone in rape counts, this point is currently being taken on appeal.

R v R – Ebay fraud 


He is a keen sailor and photographer.