Christopher Kerr

 MA. (Oxon)

Christopher Kerr has acted as leading counsel in numerous criminal trials in the Crown Court, and tax frauds in the First Tier Tax Tribunal. He specialises in the following areas.

-          Serious fraud (in both the criminal and the civil courts). He has particular expertise in missing trader intra-community (MTIC) fraud.

-          Serious organised crime (especially drugs, evasion of duties, and money laundering.).

-          Regulatory law, and in particular trading standards and health and safety.

-          Serious sexual offences.

Christopher appears for both the defence and the prosecution in the criminal courts. He is qualified for direct access, and is available to take instructions from the public directly.

Christopher is appointed to the CPS Advocates Panel at (the top) level 4.

He is appointed to the CPS Specialist Fraud Panel at level 4.

He is appointed as a specialist rape prosecutor.

Areas of Practice

  • Serious Fraud (criminal and civil)
  • Serious organised crime
  • Money laundering and confiscation
  • Regulatory law (trading standards and health and safety)
  • Serious sexual offences
  • Courts Martial

Notable Cases

·         R v RP (2017): Fraudulent trading in the motor vehicle industry; joint prosecution by BEIS and Trading Standards.

·         Vale Europe v HMRC (2017): Multi-million pound tax appeal currently pending before the First Tier Tax Tribunal (leading junior).

·         Operation Dante (2016-2017): Conspiracy to import Class A drugs on an industrial scale.

·         Operation Sediment (2016): Conspiracy to import counterfeit cigarettes from China.

·         Operation Galahad (2016): Conspiracy to defraud the Revenue and the Charities Commission (leading counsel).

·         Operation Frost (2016): kidnapping and firearms.

·         Beckwill Builders (2015): fraudulent trading in the building industry.

·         Fairford Group PLC v HMRC (2015): Multi-million pound tax appeal (MTIC fraud) (leading junior).

·         Direct Communications Limited v HMRC (2015): Multi-million pound tax  appeal (MTIC fraud) (leading junior).

·         Operation Compton (2014-2015): Drugs and money laundering conspiracy (leading counsel).

·         Intekx Limited v HMRC (2014): multi-million pound MTIC and deregistration appeal, and test case on the Halifax doctrine of abuse of the right to be VAT registered (leading counsel/leading junior).

·         Operation Neptune (2014): fraudulent trading in the bottled water industry, (leading counsel).

·         Foneshops Limited v HMRC (2013): £20 million MTIC fraud in the First Tier Tax Tribunal.

·         Synectiv Limited v HMRC (2013): MTIC fraud (leading counsel).

·         Softhouse Consulting Limited v HMRC (2012): MTIC fraud (leading counsel).

·         CCA Distribution Limited v HMRC (2012): MTIC fraud (leading        counsel/leading junior).

·         Harwich GSM Limited v HMRC (2011): MTIC fraud (leading counsel).

·         HT Purser Limited v HMRC (2011): MTIC fraud (leading counsel).

·         Annova Limited v HMRC (2011): MTIC fraud (leading counsel).

·         Flashpoint Technology Limited v HMRC (2010): MTIC fraud.

·         Operation Magnet (2009): multi million pound housing benefit fraud in  South-East London (leading counsel).

·         A & Others (2009): motor vehicle and boating insurance fraud (leading counsel).

·         Holland & Others (2008): contract kidnapping with firearms (leading  counsel).

·         R v C (2008): fraudulent use of telecommunications systems (leading counsel).

·         R v Enviro-Waste(2007): triple fatality in the farming industry.

·         R v B (2007): long firm fraud (leading counsel).

·         R v S & Others (2007) money laundering (leading counsel).

·         R v A & Others (2006): life insurance fraud (leading counsel).

·         R v Goldstein & Others (2006): international conspiracy to counterfeit credit cards (leading counsel).

·         R v Ahmed & Others (2005): long firm fraud in the meat industry (leading counsel).

·         R v C (2005): indecent images shared via Kazaa peer to peer system (leading counsel).

·         R v Bhagwant Rai (2005): money laundering (leading counsel).

·         R v Gibson & W  (2005): loss adjusting, buildings insurance, and mortgage fraud (leading counsel).

·         Operation Damage (2004-2005): ebay fraud (leading counsel).

·         Operation Ultrasound (2005): international money laundering.

·         R v Odewale & Others (2003): nationwide identity fraud, and the subject of the Channel 4 programme “Stealing Lives” (leading counsel).

·         R v Hardy (2002): gross indecency with children (leading counsel).

·         Operation Avon (2001): conspiracy to counterfeit currency on industrial scale.

·         Chelmsford Old Convent case (1999-2000): Major nationwide police  investigation into allegations of serial sexual and physical abuse at a children’s home.

·         Instructed by the HSE in a number of high profile prosecutions of public limited companies, including John Mowlem, Bison Structures, Balfour Beatty, Ipswich Docks, Carillion, and the Thames Tunnels Project.

Reported Cases

·         CCA Distribution Ltd. v HMRC (2013) UKFTT 253 (TC), <2015> UKUT 513 (TCC)

·         Intekx Ltd. v HMRC (2014) UKFTT 277 (TC)

·         Softhouse Consulting Ltd v. HMRC (2014) STI 748

·         Annova Ltd. v HMRC (2011) UKFTT 742 (TC), (2014) UKUT 28 (TCC)

·         Synectiv Ltd. v HMRC (2013) UKFTT 677 (TC)

·         Global Enterprises Ltd. v HMRC (2013)UKFTT 014 (TC)

·         Harwich GSM Ltd. v HMRC (2012) UKFTT 279 (TC)

·         HT Purser Ltd. v HMRC (2011) UKFTT 860 (TC)

·         Flashpoint Technology Ltd. v HMRC (2011) UKFTT 353 (TC)

·         R v G & G (2009) EWCA Crim 1943

·         R  v Odewale (2005) 2 Cr App R (S) 102

·         Ferrous Protection Ltd v Health & Safety Executive (2000) COD 273

·         R v Bosson (1999) Crim LR  596

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