Karl Volz

  • BA (Hons) History & Politics (Newcastle University)
  • DIP Law (City University)

A tenacious and highly accomplished advocate, Karl defends and prosecutes a wide range of criminal cases, including as leading counsel, from serious fraud to sexual offences to substantial drug conspiracies to murder.  He also represents defendants charged in court martial hearings.

Notable Recent Cases


-          R v Doherty & others (Birmingham CC) – Defending alone in 5-handed attempted murder (prosecuted by Tim Raggett QC)

-          R v Sweeney & others (Central Criminal Court) – Defending as Junior in 3-handed murder

-          R v Faqirzada & others (Maidstone CC) – Defending alone in 10-week multi-handed Afghan gang murder trial (prosecuted by Eleanor Laws QC)

-          R v Bunch (Chelmsford CC) – Defending in domestic murder trial (prosecuted by John Dodds QC)

-          R v Brophy (Basildon CC) – Defending alone in juvenile 3-handed attempted murder trial

-          R v Abada & others (Central Criminal Court) – Defending alone in Fulham gang murder case


Sexual Offences

Numerous rape and child abuse trials, including the following:

-          R v Campbell (inner London CC) – Defending in dual rape allegations on 13-year-old complainants  

-          R v Bhutawala (Snaresbrook CC) – Defending in sexual abuse of children by imam trial, involving cross-examination of 8-year-old complainant

-          R v Mehdi (Blackfriars CC) – Prosecuting in child sexual abuse trial, in one of first cases involving use of intermediary

-          R v Edwards (Blackfriars CC) – Prosecuting in trial involving sexual abuse of severely mentally-disabled child complainant – intermediary used

-          R v Mason (Basildon CC) – Defending in rape of lesbian partner  

-          R v Mason (Southend CC) 2nd case – Defending in historic rape case  

-          R v Antonello (Snaresbrook CC) – Prosecuting 2-week sexual abuse of very young child trial

-          R v Davey (Basildon CC) – Defending in rape of 6-year-old child  

-          R v Kerner (Basildon CC) – Defending in two cases (severance ordered) of rape /sexual abuse of children

-          R v Murphy (Southend CC) – Defending in rape trial

-          R v Webb (Basildon CC) – Defending in rape trial

-          R v Bartley (Basildon CC) – Defending in rape trial (6 counts - 3 complainants)

-          R v Pardoe (Central Criminal Court) – Prosecuting historic child abuse case from 1960’s and 1970’s

-          R v Arnold (Woolwich CC) – Defending mentally impaired defendant charged with rape

-          R v Disha (Norwich CC) – Defending in student rape trial

-          R v Elbadawi (Woolwich CC) – Defending in marital rape trial

-          R v Britchford (Chelmsford CC) – Defending in sexual abuse father upon son trial

-          R v Fuller (Inner London CC) – Prosecuting rape trial

-          R v Cooper (Basildon CC) – Prosecuting multi-complainant rape trial

-          R v O’Toole (Ipswich CC) – Prosecuting dual rape trial

-          R v Patrick (Snaresbrook CC) – Prosecuting lengthy child sexual abuse trial

-          R v Scrafton (Wood Green CC) – Defending in dual rape trial in which defendant had initially confessed while of unsound mind

-          R v Tate-Hunn (Woolwich CC) – Defending in trial for rape of 16 year old girl

-          R v Thomas (Basildon CC) – Prosecuting rape trial involving mentally impaired defendant assisted by intermediary


Drug Importation / Conspiracy

-          R v Muller & others (Cambridge CC) – Defending in 13-handed class A drug conspiracy (the largest ever in Cambs) – prosecuted by Karim Khalil QC

-          R v Jones (Canterbury CC) – Defending in large-scale cocaine importation by air drop, representing the pilot

-          R v Moore (Canterbury CC) – Defending in £30 million cocaine importation

-          R v Caherty (Maidstone CC) – Defending haulier accused of multiple large-scale fraudulent cigarette importations

-          R v Harkins (Canterbury CC) – Defending lead defendant in substantial multi-handed class A drug conspiracy

-          R v Tranter & others (Basildon CC) – Defending in substantial multi-handed class A drugs conspiracy


Serious Fraud, etc

-          R v Anigbogu (Southwark CC) – Defending as leading counsel in substantial long firm fraud

-          R v Natheeswaran (Kingston CC) – Defending in large credit card fraud conspiracy (conviction overturned in Court of Appeal)

-          R v Sandell & others (Basildon CC) – Defending as leading counsel in 3-month money laundering conspiracy trial (& 3-month retrial)

-          R v Mokelu (Basildon CC) – Defending in substantial advance fee fraud

-          R v Vaughan (Southwark CC) – Defending in substantial fraud upon military charities (SSAFA)

-          R v Rayner (Basildon CC) – Defending lead defendant in substantial Betfair Ponzi fraud


Other notable cases

-          R v Day (Central Criminal Court) – Defending in prison van breakout trial (arson with intent and escape)

-          R v Callender & others (Middlesex CC) – Defending in 12-handed conspiracy to rob

-          R v Tusha (Basildon CC) – Defending in multi-handed firearms / drugs conspiracy case

-          R v Wilson (Wood Green CC) – Prosecuting multiple armed robbery indictment

-          R v Private Martin & others (Colchester Barracks) – Defending in 2 Para “Red Eye” allegation in Camp Bastion, Iraq

-          R v French (Basildon CC) – Defending in death by dangerous driving case

-          R v Dunkley & others (Woolwich CC) – Defending in 5-week multi-handed kidnap & torture trial

-          R v Wild (Basildon CC) – Prosecuting multiple armed robbery indictment

-          R v Checksfield (Lewes CC) – Defending in perverting trial involving Neil & Christine Hamilton defendant

-          R v Baker (Chelmsford CC) – Defending in arson with intent to endanger life trial

-          R v Worth (Chelmsford CC) – Prosecuting armed robbery of bank trial

-          R v Wellington (St Albans CC) – Defending in kidnap trial

-          R v Brown (St Albans CC) – Defending in substantial cannabis conspiracy case

-          R v Leech (Chelmsford CC) – Defending in multiple armed robberies of betting shops case

-          R v Kiziltan (Wood Green CC) – Prosecuting kidnap trial & subsequent appeal in C of A

-          R v Pugh (Chelmsford CC) – Prosecuting firearms / false imprisonment trial

-          R v Rostas (Croydon CC) – Defending in baby shaking / child cruelty / GBH with intent on 1-year-old child

-          R v Popa-Tolontan (Chelmsford CC) – Prosecuting trial of student for causing death by dangerous driving

-          R v Pammen & others (Birmingham CC) – Defending in 7-week multi-handed, multi-million-pound conspiracy to steal Chinese artefacts from museums across the UK 

Reported Cases

-          R v Patel (Amit) <2016> EWCA Crim 2295 – Re uncertainty in basis of sentencing

-          R v Finch (Stephen) <2016> EWCA Crim 288

-          R v Lawrence (Neil Lee) <2012> EWCA Crim 2144 – Re cross-examining on complainant’s previous convictions

-          R v C <2011> EWCA Crim 939, 175 JP 281, <2011> Crim LR 642 – Re admissibility of previous convictions for armed robberies in child abuse case

-          R v Mokelu (Chinaenye) <2010> EWCA Crim 288, <2010> 2 Cr App R (S) 87 – Re appropriateness of consecutive sentences in fraud case

-          R v Evans (Kane), R v Evans (Kieron) <2010> EWCA Crim 190, 2010 WL 516951 – Re unlawful sentences passed & totality

-          R v Natheeswaran (Shanmuganathan) <2009> EWCA Crim 295, 2009 WL 6537 – Re absent co-defendant’s admissions

-          R v Wilson (Jamie) <2008> EWCA Crim 1754, <2009> Crim LR 193 – Re use of evidence of cessation of serial robberies upon arrest of defendant

-          R v McNeill (Tracey) <2007> EWCA Crim 2927, (2008) 172 JP 50 – Re evidence adduced under ss98/101 CJA 2003

-          R v Warden (Barry John) <2006> EWCA Crim 304, 2006 WL 901047 – Re sentencing in large drug conspiracies

-          R v Hennes (Ivar) <2005> EWCA Crim 694 – Re sentencing in sophisticated drug importations

-          R v Fullerton (William) <2004> EWCA Crim 3474

-          R v Radford (Robert) <2004> EWCA Crim 1833 – Re inappropriate judicial interventions

-          R v Porceddu (Stefano) <2004> EWCA Crim 1043 – Re alcohol & intent

-          R v Trotman (Jermaine) <2003> EWCA Crim 2456 – Re financial orders upon conviction

-          R v McQueeny (Michael) <2003> EWCA Crim 898

-          R v Day (John) <2002> EWCA Crim 761 – Re appropriateness of consecutive sentences & totality

-          R v Adekunle (Olawale) <2002> EWCA Crim 322

-          R v Fish (Keith) <2001> EWCA Crim 2432 – Re abuse of process / severance

-          R v Taylor (Richard) <1996> EWCA Crim 1518, <1996> CLY 1518 – Re robbery complainant fearing for safety of another

Professional Memberships

  • Criminal Bar Association
  • South Eastern Circuit
  • Essex Bar Mess