Laureen Husain

  • LLB(Hons) University of Warwick

Laureen Husain is a criminal practitioner who predominantly defends.  She has extensive experience in cases of a serious nature with complex issues of law.   She has been instructed in cases of murder, manslaughter and other grave offences. 

She also has many years of experience in offences of fraud, drugs and firearms. 

Laureen is highly regarded for her expertise in representing vulnerable defendants, and those charged with serious sexual offences. She enjoys an excellent reputation for her ability to deal sensitively and skilfully with clients suffering from learning disabilities and those with mental health issues. She has a recognised aptitude for representing young persons facing serious sexual allegations. A significant proportion of her practice involves cases of considerable sensitivity, such as allegations of child cruelty, road traffic fatalities and  sexual offences involving young complainants.

Notable Cases

R v O (Basildon Crown Court) - Defending a 12 year old boy accused of rape of a seven year old girl.  

R v G (Leicester Crown Court) - Defending a 17 year old with learning disability charged with raping a 12 year old girl.

R v H (Basildon Crown Court) - Defending a mother accused of child cruelty. This involved physical violence to her two year old baby including bite marks. 

R v G (Basildon Crown Court) - Defending a 20 year old man charged with false imprisonment and sexual assault of a 13 year old walking home at night.   

R v Williams (Kingston Crown Court) - Bus driver charged with death by dangerous driving which involved sudden unintended acceleration syndrome. 

R v Jarvis (Basildon Crown Court) - Defending in a manslaughter case. The deceased was 90 years old and the case involved complex medical evidence. 

R v Mykoo (Wood Green Crown Court) - Defence junior counsel in a case involving women in London subjected to strangulation robbery (Nicole Fahri was one of the complainants).  

Money laundering case -  Mark Roochove led Laureen Husain defending in a multi-handed money laundering case at Southwark Crown Court for eight weeks. They successfully defended a senior fire officer. Submission of no case to answer was successful and the client was duly acquitted.     

Professional Memberships

  • Member of the Lincoln’s Inn Bar Representation committee
  • Essex Bar Mess representative in South Eastern Circuit committee