Emma Jane Nash

  • Inns of Court School of Law (BVC) 2001
  • LLB (Hons) (Plymouth) 1999
  • 2000 Inner Temple Ashworth scholar
  • 2000 Inner Temple Duke of Edinburgh Scholar
  • 2001 Inner Temple Geoffrey Veale Prizewinner

A specialist in criminal law, Emma is an experienced and able advocate who is   instructed to both defend and prosecute in the Crown Court and in the Court of Appeal and other appeal Courts.    Emma's practice has a particular emphasis on serious sexual and violent offences but her expertise encompasses a wide and diverse range of  offences including murder, rape and sexual assaults, violence, child cruelty, arson, robbery, large scale drugs offences and firearm offences, along with serious dishonesty offences and money laundering. 

Emma is particularly suited to dealing with cases which are sensitive or those involving vulnerable or young witnesses and/or defendants.  She is extremely approachable and is recognised for her high level of professional care shown to witnesses and defendants.  Her meticulous preparation of cases and, in particular, her formidable  skill in cross examination and closing speeches is recognised and often praised by those who instruct Emma.

Emma’s high level of expertise is reflected in her positions as a both a grade 3 approved prosecutor and a specialist approved rape advocate.

Emma is experienced in defending members and employees of the armed forces at trial for both military and civil offences before Courts-Martial or Standing Civilian Courts both in the UK and abroad. 

Emma serves on the executive committee and is the current secretary of the Criminal Bar Association.

Areas of Practice

  • Criminal defence
  • Criminal prosecution
  • Courts Martial

Reported Cases

R v K C <2009> All ER (D) 290 - murder – juror bias, juror writing about case.  Led by Chris Sallon QC

Notable Cases

R v Lamb <2007> EWCA Crim 1766 - Sexual assault by a teacher on 2 pupils, cross admissibility of counts

R v Mohammed Ishaque <2006> EWCA Crim 2538 - Appeal against conviction- interpreters, abuse of process

R v Darren Webb <2006> EWCA Crim 2496 - Appeal against sentence – making indecent images of children

Essen v DPP <2005> EWHC 1077 (Admin) - Case stated - adjournments, delay, legitimate expectations

R v Paul Cannon - 32 counts of sexual misconduct towards young children over 10 years by a teacher

R v Sandell and 3 Others - 8 week multi-handed money laundering trial being led

R v Downie - s18 stabbing case, defendant with significant mental health issues, led by William Clegg QC

Army Prosecuting Authority v a Private Soldier (Parachute Regiment) 2 week
GBH with intent trail by General Court-Martial

R v Hand and Phillips - 2 ½ week GBH with intent trial

R v MA - multiple rapes and sexual assaults on two 8 year old children by a 12 year old aged 17 at trial

R v Sherman - multiple rapes of child aged 9 years by adult

R v Cureton - sexual abuse of 2 step grandchildren aged 6 and 8 at trial over a 3 year period.

R v Hwayrana, R v Bilton, R v Sabir - rapes of adults

R v Weeks - Sexual assault on 4 year old child

R v Ibrahim - historic sexual abuse of defendants family members

R v Phipps - historic sexual abuse of child, 80 year old defendant

R v Whitten - Aggravated burglary with a firearm and possession of firearm with intent

Professional memberships

  • Criminal Bar Association, current secretary and executive committee member
  • South East Circuit      
  • Essex Bar Mess


French (conversational)


  • Sports including skiing / Netball / Tennis. 
  • Cooking.  
  • Photography.  
  • Dog walking