Brian Reece

A substantial and continually growing practice featuring prosecution and defence of serious crime of all types.

Regularly leads or appears alone in cases of gang rape, serial rape, internet pornography and child rape / abuse. These are all areas of particular experience and expertise.

Equally regularly, appears for prosecution and defence, in cases involving allegations of fraud, firearms, serious violence and importation / supply of drugs.

A meticulous, astute, and articulate advocate of very considerable experience. Is able rapidly to analyse a case and identify the key facts and issues of law and procedure affecting both sides.

Currently advising and appearing pro bono in a number of appeals and potential appeals and expecting to continue so to do.

Notable Cases

  • R v S : Secured acquittal for one of two Albanians accused of importing £8m worth of cocaine via the Channel Tunnel in a specially adapted Mercedes ML.

  • R v C: Prosecuted female teacher who pleaded guilty to 5 counts involving sexual activity with a male pupil.

  • Leading for Prosecution in series of money laundering trials with a total of 19 defendants, which involved tracing the proceeds of cheques stolen by postmen in London, Canada and USA, and the linked online frauds revealed. All sentence appeals unsuccessful - see R v Olarinoye.
  • Leading for prosecution in series of trials with a total of 27 defendants involving the dishonest manipulation by ticket-office staff of Oyster Card system
  • Prosecuting 39 year old for sex offences committed against his sisters when he was aged 10 - 14 and they were aged between 6 and 12. Successfully resisted appeal against conviction based on steps taken to deal with issues presented by vulnerable witnesses.
  • Prosecuting organised criminal network responsible for at least 30 high-value house burglaries in two-month spell. Main defendant was just out of prison following sentence for identical course fo conduct. Father / father figure was tried in absence and sentenced to 8 years.
  • Operation Lothian - leading for prosecution in series of cases against South West Trains ticket office staff accused of fraud.
  • Operation Narvick - ditto but for South East Trains.

  • Successful defence of T-mobile star salesman accused of fraudulently unlocking 315,000 iPhones.

  • Leading for prosecution in series of money laundering cases, one involving stolen cheques worth over £1m, another involving 8 defendants. 
  • Leading for defence in £4m benefit / immigration fraud trial.
  • Counsel for defence in the first trial of the Operation Vaulter MTIC series. Representing the only defendant not convicted after a five month trial.
  • Leading for prosecution in trial involving firearms, including one of only 3 TEC-9 machine guns ever recovered in the UK. (A TEC-9 can fire 600 rounds of 9mm ammunition in one minute).
  • Leading for prosecution in trial of leader of gang of rapists. Successfully argued for introduction of evidence of previous rape acquittal and previous untried rape allegation, leading to 14½   year sentence.
  • Leading for prosecution in case involving trafficking from Romania, forced prostitution, frequent rape of two victims, and the systematic laundering of the cash proceeds of prostitution, leading to 21 year sentence.
  • Leading for defence in Trading Standards ‘Time Share’ fraud in which all defendants were acquitted.
  • Defending what was believed to be the oldest ever case of alleged child abuse in which the time between alleged offence and trial was between 41 and 46 years. Case withdrawn from the jury at the conclusion of the prosecution case.
  • Defending in money laundering case involving £315,000 in accumulated legitimate cash earnings concealed from tax authorities. Acquittal on POCA offences followed legal argument, and grounds of appeal against sentence for cheating the revenue established the principle that compensation orders should not be used as a substitute for confiscation, especially where the loser is an entity with its own remedies.
  • Prosecuting one of the first cases of sex offending abroad, in which a UK national had filmed himself raping small girls, some of whom could not be identified. A life sentence was imposed following a guilty plea.
  • Leading for prosecution in case of a violent serial rapist who attacked four different women on the street late at night. Life sentence imposed following conviction on all counts.