Anna Hamilton Shield

Anna Hamilton-Shield has over twenty years experience at the criminal bar. She has, in that time, obtained a reputation as a fearless opponent, with a passionate approach to fighting any case in which she is instructed.

She has a singularly persuasive approach that will often result in unexpectedly positive results. She is determined, pugnacious and displays a desire to win. She has a combative style, often described as ‘dogged’ in the pursuit of justice. Her desire to succeed in any case in which she is instructed leads her to work over and above that which might normally be expected. Anna has a capacity to identify the weaknesses in the prosecution case how to turn that to her client’s advantage.

Anna’s experience in the field of criminal law includes serious sexual offences and many other serious criminal offences including fraud, money laundering, murder and serious assault and drugs offences which often involve ‘cut throat’ defences.

Anna Hamilton-Shield has a reputation for winning cases other lawyers have described as “unwinnable”, she is a well-established and trusted barrister, a successful trial lawyer and specialist advocate highly regarded by those who instruct her. With a Masters Degree in Employment Law, Anna is increasingly in demand in the employment field.

Anna is renowned for being able to reduce a challenging brief to its essentials and offers pragmatic, clear and well balanced advice focused on a successful conclusion. She is determined and works tirelessly on behalf of her clients, always prepared to go the extra mile. Anna advises and represents clients in the fundamental areas of employment law: unfair dismissal; redundancy; discrimination and disability and human rights (such as freedom of association and the right to a private and family life).

Anna has wide-ranging experience of the Employment Appeal Tribunal having won leave to appeal at the EAT on Human Rights grounds. She has also represented individuals at the EAT on grounds that they have been discriminated against because of their disability and has successfully represented claimants in allegations concerning unfair dismissal and complaints of unlawful discrimination. She has secured excellent compensatory settlements for claimants who have been unfairly selected for redundancy and has expertise in cases alleging misconduct.