Peter Guest

Peter Guest has a high profile and client focused leading practice, specialising in the successful defence of white collar crime, money laundering, confiscation applications and other serious criminal cases, both in the Crown Court and the Court of Appeal. He also has broad experience of Road Traffic defence, including drink driving, speeding and disqualification.

He has been consistently recognised by the independent “Chambers and Partners Guide to the Legal Profession” as a ‘Leader at the Bar’ in specialised fraud defence. He is recommended as an “accomplished courtroom performer”, who “always impresses”.

Clients have recently described him as “the first barrister to really understand me and my case” and “the perfect cross-examiner”.

He has been a Recorder of the Crown Court for more than 10 years and is a member of the Criminal Bar Association.

Recent Notable Cases

Fraud and Money Laundering

  • R v Magon - Diversion fraud
  • R v Saoussi-Tafroutti - Duty fraud
  • R v Khatab - Investment fraud
  • R v Fletcher - Accountant charged with VAT fraud
  • R v Qazi - Mortgage fraud
  • R v Beard - VAT fraud , money laundering and drugs supply
  • R v Morgan - Duty fraud
  • R v Roberts - Duty fraud
  • R v Gulyas - Duty evasion Fraud
  • R v Brown - Money laundering
  • R v Barkalov - Money laundering
  • R v Dennard - Duty fraud
  • Operation Fajita - Duty fraud
  • Operation Stockade - Duty fraud
  • Operation Methuselah - Duty fraud appeal
  • R v Duckney - Duty fraud
  • R v Bajwa - Duty fraud
  • R v PS - Insider dealing FSA prosecution
  • R v MG - Cheating the Revenue
  • R v NB - Money laundering
  • R v DC - MTIC fraud and money laundering
  • R v SA - MTIC fraud
  • R v BR - Duty fraud
  • R v MK - Fraud
  • R v NM - MTIC fraud
  • R v AH - Money laundering
  • R v EJ - Insurance fraud and Revenue fraud
  • R v NR - VAT fraud
  • R v J - Conspiracy to defraud and money laundering
  • R v SJ - Revenue fraud and money laundering
  • R v WHY - Money laundering
  • R v NB - Duty fraud


  • R v Nadarajah
  • R v Nicolas
  • R v MN
  • R v JG
  • R v GM

Murder and Serious Violence

  • R v Lotts - Murder
  • R v Sulkaj - Murder
  • R v Tasker - Murder appeal
  • R v JN - Murder
  • R v Johnson - Contract shooting
  • R v Dalzell - Attempted Murder
  • R v Ali - Riot


  • R v Redfern - Corrupt police officer, dealing in drugs
  • R v Simmons - Multi kilo heroin dealing
  • R v Poole - Multi kilo cocaine dealing
  • R v Slowey - Multi kilo heroin dealing
  • R v McDonald - Multi kilo cocaine dealing
  • R v Scott - Multi kilo cocaine ealing
  • R v Bullici - Multi kilo heroin dealing
  • R v Stanton - Multi kilo cocaine dealing

Other Serious Crime

  • R v Lloyd - Armed robberies
  • R v AS - Armed robberies
  • R v Nicolov - Professional safe cracker
  • R v Gadzijeva - Human trafficking, slavery and prostitution
  • R v Coombs - Professional armed kidnap
  • R v Briah - Kidnap, blackmail and false imprisonment
  • R v Hoque - Rape
  • R v Baker - Perverting the course of justice

Direct Access

Peter Guest is approved to accept instructions direct from international and UK clients on a direct access basis, without the need for a solicitor intermediary in appropriate cases.