Judith Benson

Judith Benson has 20 years’ experience in criminal law, having practiced as a solicitor since 1996 and as an advocate in the Crown Courts since 2001. Her practice now is in serious criminal work. She has a wealth of experience in a broad range of offences from violent and sexual offences (Murder, Rape, child abuse) to fraud and financial crime.

Recent notable cases include the successful defence of the only female Defendant in the first prosecution for bribery of a public official at Southwark Crown Court; the acquittal at Kingston Crown Court of a man in his '70s accused of sexually abusing two children, the successful defence of a man accused of conditional consent male rape and the trial of a number of Defendants for armed robbery in which £330,000 was stolen from a car that was followed by them through East London. Judith has also defended people accused of gun crime, murder, attempted murder and serious fraud.

Notable Cases

R v Y  Trial of Defendant for stabbing a man multiple times over 10 years ago.

R v L  Defence of female Defendant in two handed blackmail trial.

R v I  Trial of two Defendants for acid attack on man resulting in permanent scarring to face and body. Leave to appeal conviction to Court of Appeal on identification issue.

R v D   Successful defence of man accused of current and historic rapes of his wife over a number of years.

R v M   Trial of two brothers for historic rapes and sexual assaults of child niece. Represented Defendant who had formerly been convicted of rape of children.

R v  G  Successful Defence of woman accused of bribing a court clerk. Multi-handed trial. The Court Clerk was the first person convicted under the Bribery Act.

R v C  Conditional consent rape. Acquited of male rape alleged during a party on basis that condom removed.

R v H  Defence of one of a number of Defendants in armed robbery of £330,000.

R v M  Conspiracy to steal £23,000 of mobile telephones.

R v S   Acquittal of Russian Defendant accused of kidnap.