Kuljeet Singh Dobe

Extensive experience in serious crime – including homicide, sexual offences, drugs conspiracies, public order offences, non-fatal offences against the person and financial crime.

Formerly Senior Lecturer teaching Criminal Law & Land Law between 1995 and 2002 (University of West London). 

Kuljeet also accepts instructions in immigration & asylum cases with particular emphasis on business immigration.

Notable Cases

Financial Crime

R v AR (2016): money laundering (transferring criminal property). AR, a taxi driver and courier, caught on police surveillance passing a bag to another man. Both men arrested. Bag found to contain £150,000 in cash. Co-defendant found guilty, AR found not guilty.

R v MS (2015):defendant charged with mobile telephone fraud and money laundering. Not guilty.

R v SS (2015):defendant charged with conspiracy to issue fraudulent MOT certificates. Pleaded guilty to substantives.

 R v RG (2014):conspiracy to defraud, chargeback fraud in excess of £1 million. Multi-handed 3 month trial. Defendant was alleged to be an organiser in a complex fraud – during the trial it emerged that his actual benefit was less than £2500. Guilty. Sentenced to 15 months imprisonment.

R v OB (2014): defendant charged with multiple frauds including conspiracy to defraud £1.334 million, money laundering, passport fraud, national insurance fraud, tax fraud. Defendant adamant on running a defence despite overwhelming evidence. Hung jury.

R v RP (2013):RP tried on a single count of money laundering s 329 POCA. Jury unable to reach a verdict after a 6 day trial. Thereafter, Crown offered to evidence.

R v GT (2013): defendant charged with benefit fraud by defrauding the Department of Work & Pensions and Oxford City Council (9 counts). D pleaded to 2 counts, Crown offered no evidence on the others.

R v AM (2012): insider dealing. Defendant charged with four counts of insider. 5 month multi-handed trial. Total value of fraud in excess of £20 million. Defendant Not Guilty on two counts and convicted on two counts. Final confiscation amount payable £9600.

R v TT (2008): a cloned debit card fraud involving the use of the Pay-point bill payment system. Not guilty.

DWP v S (2007): a 12-defendant fraud conspiracy relating to pharmaceutical products. S pleaded guilty after judge rejected defence legal argument re meaning of “on the market”. Conviction subsequently quashed on appeal in 2009.

R v MB (2007): a 10 defendant conspiracy to defraud by staging false car accidents and making fraudulent claims on car insurance policies. After 7 weeks of legal arguments, the Crown offered no evidence.

General Crime

R v STK (June 2017): STK was accused of providing the photograph of a false SIA security card to an illegal immigrant (Hassan). Hassan had the photo on his phone and used it in order to work as a security guard. The Crown's case was that text messages from STK to Hassan saying that the card was ready showed that STK had created the false SIA card and sent a photo of it to Hassan. During cross-examination of the officer in the case, it transpired that the date on the digital photo pre-dated the text messages to Hassan by 5 months. Not Guilty. 

R v SM (July 2017): SM was tried with 3 members of her family for a money laundering offence. It was alleged that she had cashed a cheque knowing it to be the proceeds of crime and then withdrawn the money in order to pay it back to the originator of the funds. SM's mother, sister & brother were convicted. SM was found Not Guilty. 

R v AW (August 2017): AW & a friend, K, were charged with affray and possession of offensive weapons. AW was the passenger in a van driven by K. The van was attacked by 5 people, including a man with an iron bar. The bar was used to smash the windscreen of the van. K had called the police just prior to the attack and the attack on the van could be heard clearly on the 999 call. AW could be heard shouting - 'let me at them, I am gonna bust him up, I'm gonna get him'. The van was then driven at the assailants and parked up. AW & K then returned to attack the assailant. AW & K relied on self defence & defence of another. AW was found Not Guilty on all three counts.  

R v HS (2016): sexual assault. D tried on two counts of sexual assault on a fellow passenger travelling on a bus during rush hour, once in Dec 2014 and once in April 2015. Not guilty on both counts.

R v JS (2016): rape. D charged on 3 sample counts of rape of his step-daughter when she was aged between 5 and 8 years (present age was 13). Evidence from complainant, her brother, her mother, complainant’s school, Social Services and complainant’s doctor. Not guilty on all 3 counts of rape.

R v SK (2015): cultivation of cannabis. SK, who had separated from her husband and who lived alone, found to have a cannabis farm in two upstairs bedrooms. She denied knowledge of the farm. Not guilty.

R v NA (2015): importation of heroin. 28 year old mother imported 3.5 kg of heroin (70% purity) hidden in her luggage within 8 Indian dresses. Defence, lack of knowledge. Not guilty.

R v AA (2014): affray, ABH. Defendant accused of attacking two appeal court judges on the Isle of Man during an appeal hearing. Complex fitness to plead and automatism issues relating to mental state of defendant. Defendant denied guilt on basis that the two appeal judges were lying. This involved expert and sensitive cross examination of both judges. Guilty, sentenced to a Hospital Order.

R v MA (2014): conspiracy to import heroin. Defendant accused of being part of a conspiracy to bring heroin into the UK using courier companies with delivery of heroin packages to addresses in and around London. Not guilty.

R v RF (2013): doing acts tending to pervert the course of public justice. Not guilty.

R v MPL (2013): driving without due care & attention. Defence of duress of circumstances. Not guilty.

R v AH (2013): RAF officer accused of accessing level 4 and 5 child pornography. Pornography charges dropped when AH pleads guilty to offences under the Obscene Publications Act.

R v LS (2013):s 18 GBH, street brawl. Not Guilty.

R v BE (2012): Conspiracy to supply class B drugs. Successful appeal against sentence, reduced from 33 months to 21 months imprisonment.

R v EM (2012): 70 year old man charged with Arson thereby endangering life. One of the first criminal damage cases falling under the revised definition of “recklessness” (Cunningham, not Caldwell). Not guilty.

R v BM (2012): failure to providespecimen of breath on account of asthma. Not guilty.

R v AM (2011): defendant charged with s 18 GBH after complainant suffered life threatening. Complainant having been involved in an argument with AM, jumped in through driver side car window. Crown alleged that AM had driven the car deliberately at oncoming traffic in order to dislodge complainant and cause him maximum injury. Complainant fell out of AM’s car after colliding with a stationary Transit van at around 50 mph. Hung jury after first trial.

R v MK (2011): Murder. Case involving a defendant who had a previous conviction for manslaughter in “strikingly similar” circumstances. Jury convicted by majority after 18 hours deliberation. Successful appeal against sentence – HHJ Thornton QC had imposed a minimum term of 33 years, appealed on basis that judge erred in invoking schedule 21 as a consequence of which the starting point could be 30 years. Court of Appeal agreed that schedule 21 could not apply and that starting point should be 15 years and accordingly reduced minimum sentence to 27 years.  

R v CM <2009> EWCA Crim 42:successful appeal against sentence, Court of Appeal reduced sentence from 36 months to 24 months. CM had made two hoax bomb calls to the 999 emergency service whilst at Terminal 2, Heathrow Airport. She had 42 convictions for 70 offences and was in need of psychiatric help. 

R v AL(2009): conspiracy to import, adulterate, re-press and then sell cocaine. 11 month trial resulted in jury acquitting all 11 defendants after little more than two hours of deliberation. The police had found £10,000 cash in AL’s flat behind his washing machine, a trace of cocaine on his living room table, a “secret compartment” in the footwell of his Mercedes motor vehicle, payments of money in “his” name to persons abroad and a hydraulic press with traces of cocaine and adulterants at a co-defendant’s address.

R v FF (2005):a three-defendant murder. Successful bail application resulted in a review by the Crown Prosecution Service and the murder count being reduced to affray and robbery. Not guilty.

R v F, <2004> All ER (D) 37:Court of Appeal accepted argument that the sentencing judge’s three year custodial sentence in respect of a 16 year old under section 91 of the Powers of Criminal Courts (Sentencing) Act 2000 was unlawful.

R v RW (2002): a three defendant double murder (Bridlington) and attempted murder (Woking). Complex scientific evidence involving construction of home-made guns using “Hilti” power tools and analysis of lead in home-made bullets. 


University of Southampton, LLB (1991)

Hardwicke Scholar (Lincoln’s Inn)

Professional Memberships

External Examiner, Bar Standards Board (BPTC)

Volunteer Advisor (Community Action Programme, Ealing)

Criminal Bar Association

Pupil Supervisor

School Governor (Northwood)


KS Dobe & SS Chhokar,

Muslims, Ethnicity & the Law(2000) 4 International Journal of Discrimination and the Law 369


Punjabi, Hindi & Urdu