Nicholas Barraclough

Nick Barraclough has 23 years’ experience as an advocate, and has been recommended as a ‘leader in the field of criminal law’ by Chambers and Partners for three successive years. His practice tends to replicas breitling involve very serious allegations, but he is frequently instructed privately in a wide range of work including cases outside the criminal courts. Although he is an established defence barrister, Nick has also prosecuted serious cases and is ranked as a Grade 4 prosecutor (the top level) and has been appointed as a ‘Rape Specialist’ prosecutor.

Legal 500 ‘He achieves brilliant results through his ability to spot points others have missed.'


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Notable Cases

Fraud and Conspiracy to Defraud

R v LE:defending in the South Wales ‘Cash for Crash’ conspiracy to defraud case; with 86 defendants it is  said this is the most number of defendants ever prosecuted in one case in England and Wales.

R v TC :Trading Standards brought charges after a large inquiry into a conspiracy to defraud and the case was the subject of a BBC Scambusters programme. The client wanted to plead guilty, and Nick Barraclough negotiated a basis of sentence and secured a reduced sentence.

R v KP:The client admitted a £20million conspiracy to defraud. The prosecution tried to confiscate £2.4 million from the client but Nick Barraclough argued successfully for  confiscation/compensation of just over £20,000.

R v K:One of ‘Britain’s Most Wanted’ led a campaign of fraud.
Britain's Most WantedWatch Crimewatch video

R v GS: A £1.9 million mortgage fraud.

R v B: Allegaations of fraud and false accounting by a financial advisor as part of a large scale mortgage fraud. The prosecution were forced to drop the case against his client on the second day of the trial after Nick Barraclough made submissions and disclosure requests.

R v SK: Represented a businessman who pleaded guilty to a £1.7 million life assurance fraud.

R v B:A woman who faked her death in Pakistan to obtain £2.2 million life assurance; Nick Barraclough was instructed to mitigate and he secured a favourable sentence. 
Conwoman faked own death from dehydration in remote Pakistan hospital to claim £2m life insurance, by The Daily Mail

R v M:2010: A huge cigarette smuggling and money laundering case in which the  defendant pleaded guilty and Nick Barraclough secured him a lenient sentence, and avoided Confiscation Proceedings. Nick Barraclough also secured a not guilty verdict for the same client in a 3 month drugs trial at Manchester Crown Court (R v H and others, see below). 
Padiham man in plot to smuggle two million cigarettes, by Burnley Citizen

R v S: Nick Barraclough and Simon Mayo QC were instructed by Bark & Co to contest Confiscation Proceedings following the defendant's conviction of an MTIC fraud and money laundering case. The prosecution sought £3.4 million from the defendant. They got £13,000.

R v N:Nick Barraclough’s client was an accounts clerk accused of creating false customer accounts into which she transferred £500,000 of stolen client money. Following legal submissions from Nick Barraclough, the prosecution changed the charges. Nick Barraclough then argued the prosecution had no case on the new charges and the judge threw the case out.

R v M: (Operation Carina) Successfully defended in a £50 million alcohol diversion fraud when it was argued that Customs and Excise had abused the process of the court and the Judge stopped the case.

R v R and 5 others,2010: Leading prosecution counsel in a six week trial of six men involved in a ‘long firm fraud’ where sham companies, were used to falsely obtain some £1million of goods on credit.

R v K: Serious Fraud Office (SFO) prosecution of a group accused of conspiring to obtain hundreds of thousands of pounds of investment from American doctors for a curry factory that never existed.

R v M:Successfully prosecuted in a 5-week ‘long-firm’ fraud involving the setting up of a series of false companies through which £600,000 of computers were fraudulently obtained. Some computers were then sold on Ebay.

R v R:Five week money laundering and possession of criminal property trial. Cloned credit cards and card details obtained from petrol station employees were used to obtain hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of designer goods.

R v T:The client admitted a string of frauds. In one, he duped a national recruitment agency into believing he worked with Bill Gates and with whom he was taking over a UK business, and that he required a personal assistant. The agency provided interview facilities and female interviewees for him. He also used the Financial Times taxi account to pay for his personal travel, including a trip to Aberdeen costing £3,600.

Sexual Offences

R v M:Child abuse case in which Nick pushed for disclosure of school and social service records of the ‘victim’. The process took 6 months, but Nick’s persistence paid off when the information was obtained, whereupon the prosecution dropped all charges.

R v D: An autistic woman met the client via a dating website and accused him of raping her in his flat. Nick Barraclough pushed for disclosure of material and made written representations to the prosecution and Court. The prosecution then dropped the case before trial.

R v MA rape trial in which the accused arranged a date via Plenty of Fish (a dating website). The ‘date’  accused him of raping her, but the defendant was found not guilty.

R v M:Nick prosecuted a serial rapist, securing convictions and a sentence of 23 years’ imprisonment in this very serious rape and GBH case.

R v JJ  A charge of being concerned in the management of a brothel was dismissed before trial following Nick’s legal submissions.

R v POSecured the acquittal of a member of the garage band ‘Ruff Sqwad’ who was accused of raping a 15 year old schoolgirl having just performed a gig at the Prince’s Trust Urban Music Festival at Earls Court. The co-defendant was convicted. Article from the Mirror ‘Girl,15, in Gig Rape

R v CPA rape trial at the Old Bailey in which Nick Barraclough secured the acquittal of a man charged with the violent and repeated rape of his wife. The client then asked Nick Barraclough to represent him in a subsequent murder trial.

R v F  The client ran a string of London ‘saunas’ but admitted they were brothels, whereupon Nick Barraclough negotiated a basis of plea that avoided a prison sentenve. Nick Barraclough later represented the defendant in a lengthy drugs case.

R v M: Nick Barraclough prosecuted a case where the defendant took an imitation firearm, a bottle of whisky and a Staffordshire Bull-terrier to the home of a rival gang leader’s girlfriend and raped her violently. Earlier he’d slashed his rival’s face open with a knife.

R v R:Rape and violence within an abusive Sikh marriage.

R v B:Allegations made against a drug dealer who beat and raped girls he supplied drugs to, and filmed some of the crimes.

R v K: Nick prosecuted this man who adducted and raped a homeless 18 year old boy:

R v M:Instructed in the case of a man who was said to have abused many boys in his care at a Barnardo’s home and a hostel in the 1970s.



Rv D: Nick is instructed to defend in this case which caused a stir when publicised.

R v TC:  Nick was lead counsel for Tommy Connors Junior in this case which  broke legal ground and attracted press attention as one of the country’s first ever 'slavery' cases. The client was found not guilty after two hard-fought trials, whilst others accuesed were found guilty.

R v NK:A ‘domestic slave’ trafficked from rural Pakistan to work as a maid alleged she was kept as a slave. 

R v WC:Nick Barraclough acted for the main defendant in a complex three month case, culminating in the Court of Appeal when the Attorney-General himself represented the prosecution; the Lord Chief Justice accepted the defence submission, and this case is now the leading authority on slavery, servitude and forced labour.



R v S:Successfully defended in a ‘missing body murder’.

R v P:A five-month Operation Trident trial at the Old Bailed involved allegations of  abduction, torture and execution by a Jamaican Yardie gang.

R v C:Defended a business woman who paid a hit-man to kill a business associate.

R v F:The largest murder and rape investigation ever conducted West Country at the time, when an 18 year old girl went missing. As a result of this case, the National DNA database was established.


Drugs Cases

R v H:(Operation Component) Importation of £5.5million of cannabis and ecstasy ('Class A' drugs) from Holland, with 5 defendants who the prosecution described as 'big players in a major league drugs organisation'. Nick Barraclough's client was found not guilty. The other defendants were convicted.

R v M:Importation of £14 million of cocaine. After a 10 week trial involving complex legal arguments about cell-site and telephone evidence, Dutch telephone intercept evidence, and undercover surveillance evidence, and a total of 404 witnesses providing evidence, Nick Barraclough’s client was found not guilty. The remaining accused were imprisoned for up to 26 years. 
Six jailed for importing cocaine from Germany, BBC News

R v H: twelve accused alleged to have imported £62 million of cannabis and laundered the proceeds. Nick Barraclough’s clinet was charged conspiracy to supply cannabis but after negotiations the defendant admitted money laundering only and avoided a prison sentence. 
Filthy lucre: Drugs gang so rich it left £225,000 to rot in damp safe, by The Daily Mail

R v S: A Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) case in which Nick Barraclough led the defence team of two barristers and a solicitor.  The client was alleged to be involved in a conspiracy to ‘flood the United Kingdom’ with £7 million of drugs. SOCA agents intercepted the drugs and planted probes to record the conspirators planning operations. Nick Barraclough persuaded the judge that the case against his client should be stopped and his  client was found not guilty at the close of the prosecution case.

R v P:The client was said to be ‘one of the largest drugs dealers in south London’, and to be distributing 60 kilos of cocaine, ‘millions’ of ecstasy tablets. Undercover police officers infiltrated the syndicate, but after a 3 month trial the jury found the client not guilty.

R v F:A four month trial involving a drugs 'super-grass', an international drugs and crime syndicate, and allegations of conspiracy to supply multi-million pounds worth of heroin. The syndicate was ruthless, chopping the fingers off a man who lost £1million of its heroin. Nick Barraclough’s client was alleged to have supplied heroin through his chain of saunas, but he was found not guilty when others were convicted.

R v P:Nick prosecuted 14 defendants with Simon Mayo QC in this series of cases rising out of an undercover police operation targeting the Oxfordshire drugs trade. All the defendants were convicted, including the ex Mayor of Didcot.

R v W:  A seven week trial involving the supply of drugs from Essex to Norfolk, using a fishing bait factory as cover. The extensive police operation involved surveillance, probe evidence, and a police raid when drugs were exchanged.

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