Warwick Aleeson

Warwick has practised exclusively in crime since being called to the bar in 1994.  Whilst he prosecutes for the CPS (grade 3), he primarily specialises in defence work and this forms the majority of his practice.  He undertakes both private client and legal aid work.

Warwick is frequently instructed as a junior or leading junior in serious and complex cases, including offences of: murder; attempted murder; rape; indecent assault; sexual offences involving children and the vulnerable; kidnapping; arson with intent; serious assaults, cases involving domestic violence and hate crimes; public order offences, including riot and violent disorder; robbery, including armed robberies; large scale importation and supply of drugs; IT related crime; money laundering; and serious fraud.

Warwick specialises in fraud, money laundering, extradition, tax evasion and confiscation proceedings and offences under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

He has led in a number of cases, including offences of: attempted murder; familial homicide; manslaughter; importation of significant quantities of drugs; and large scale fraud.

Warwick is qualified to receive instructions in Direct Access cases in regulatory/disciplinary matters or from professional bodies.

Notable Cases

  • Notable cases include:

    R v W– Murder of an infant - acted as leading junior against a silk and junior.  Successfully applied to dismiss the case before trial, by calling evidence from a perinatal pathologist to establish lack of causation.

    R v HT– Multi-handed murder case at the Old Bailey - secured an acquittal for the client – he was the only defendant to be acquitted on all counts.

    R v JCLeading junior against a silk in a conspiracy to Murder.

    R v MK– Multi-handed conspiracy to murder case - secured an acquittal for the client – he was the only defendant to be acquitted on all counts.

    R v Montori– acted as the leading junior in an attempted murder at the Old Bailey against a silk; involved complex expert evidence on mental/medical matters, including legal arguments on admissibility.

    R v SH– two handed murder.  I advanced a successful submission of no case to answer.

    R v Orozco & Ors- VHCC– described as the largest cocaine money laundering case ever prosecuted in the United Kingdom (there were twenty-six defendants); I identified a novel point on the meaning of benefit in the Proceeds of Crime Act, which was successfully argued before the courtand resulted in benefit figure of less than £1000.

    R v NR - leading junior in a multi handed familial homicide case attracting national publicity.

    R v RM– secured acquittal for man charged with s18 GBH.

    R v TC– secured acquittal for 18 year old man charged with rape.

    R v RC– secured acquittal for 20 year old man accused of possession firearm with intent to endanger life.

    R v BS– secured acquittal in a case where client was accused of importing 20kg of cocaine.

    R v LA– client charged with conspiracy to rob and firearm offences.  Successfully negotiated plea to conspiracy to burgle and received a suspended sentence.  All other defendants received lengthy custodial sentences.

    R v MPK– secured acquittal for man charged with armed robbery.

    R v DC– secured acquittal for man charged with s18 GBH stabbing.

    R v G– attempted murder of an eight month old infant.

    R v Akhtar– Feb 2011.  Case involving client who had confessed to warehousing 30kg of heroin where there was no physical evidence of the drug. Confession occurred when police had received intelligence that defendant was about to be murdered by group of hitmen.  Case based solely on his confession.  Successfully persuaded judge to impose suspended sentence. 

    R v Koukoullis(St Albans Crown - 2011).  Leading counsel in £5 million contested confiscation proceedings. 

    R v Merkt– highly sensitive child neglect case attracting national publicity as it involved an allegation that a mother left her three young children to go on her honeymoon.  I persuaded the Recorder of Leeds to invite the crown to discontinue the case on both evidential and public interest grounds – the case was dropped as a result of my submissions.

    R v Wood– Northampton 2010.  Historic Indecent assault of daughter by father.  Successfully defended.

    R v Lynch- sixteen handed murder case, acting for one of the principal defendants.

    R v Back- case of murder and child cruelty, which attracted national publicity.

    R v Martinez– leading junior for the crown in a high level cocaine importation.

    R v MD– confiscation proceedings arising out of cannabis factory – successfully argued a nil value benefit figure to apply to all immature plants that had not reached maturity.  Saved client over £75,000.

    R v Thompson– successfully appealed case to Court of Appeal that led to authority on sexual offense prevention orders R v Thompson <2009> EWCA Crim 3258

    R v Sturnham– manslaughter, attracting national publicity.

    R v Sakar– successfully defended multiple rape and kidnapping.

    R v C– rape of wife by husband; (in circumstances where the defendant made full admissions in police interview) successfully acquitted, following leading evidence of false confessions from a senior psychiatrist.

    R v Bains– leading junior in successfully defended multi-million money laundering case.

    R v Rock– stranger rape by two defendants.

    R v Hill- £3.4 million contested confiscation proceedings – successfully reduced to less than £250k.

    R v Kelly– eight handed, multi-million pound car ringing conspiracy with complex confiscation proceedings under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

    R v Poole– successfully defended an arson by employee at his place of work.

    R v Gjuni– importation of large volume of cocaine.  Successfully defended.

    R v Miranda– multi-handed conspiracy to import hundreds of kilos of cocaine. 

    R v Mitchell- rape of an eighty seven year old woman by a man in his thirties.  Successfully prosecuted.

    R v Proctor– child abuse/incest case, involving four victims. 

    R v K– multi-handed armed bank robbery.

    R v Brooks– multi-handed large value conspiracy to burgle.

    R v Sheikh– high value mortgage fraud conspiracy.

    R v Manley-  Serious assault on child by father, child refused to give evidence and Crown sought to bring case solely based on hearsay evidence.  Involved analysis and presentation of argument on developing area of law and Supreme Court authorities (R v Horncastle) on admission of evidence where hearsay is “sole or decisive” evidence.



  • Member of Grays’ Inn.
  • Previously appointed as the assistant secretary to the Criminal Bar Association and elected to the Bar Council as the nominated candidate for the Criminal Bar Association.
  • Pupil master.  Member of chambers’ pupillage and training committee, as a result of which I am regularly asked to give training and feedback to pupils