Warwick Aleeson

Warwick Aleeson is a senior barrister who specialises in defence work, both private and legally aided.  He has a wide range of experience and a special interest in defending high end multi-handed drug conspiracies, complex fraud matters (including money laundering, tax evasion and confiscation proceedings), homicide and serious violent crime.

Warwick has represented high profile defendant’s throughout England and Wales and has successfully overturned convictions in the Court of Appeal.

Warwick is available on a direct access basis to advise at any stage of proceedings, including pre-charge whilst matters are still under investigation by the police, and has considerable experience in representing professionals, including members of the legal profession, who have proceedings arising out of their work.

Warwick works closely with instructing solicitors and instructed case experts and will undertake detailed analysis to ensure that each case is fully and thoroughly prepared.  His meticulous approach combined with a natural flair for advocacy and a robust and fierce defence of a client’s case ensures that each client is represented to the highest possible standards.

Notable Cases

Warwick regularly appears as a leading junior in cases of murder, drugs conspiracies and fraud.  Warwick has natural mathematical and analytical abilities which give him an excellent grasp of complex banking, telephone and cell data.  He can analyse complex documents and evidence and is able to convert them into readily understandable evidence to present before the jury in the support of his client’s case. 

Warwick has a great deal of experience in cases which are reliant on cell site data to establish location and movements of telephones by the prosecution, which are used heavily in serious violence and drugs cases.  He is confident and skilled in the correct approach to successfully challenging this evidence. 

Warwick has extensive experience in representing young and vulnerable defendant’s charged at the most serious end of the spectrum and is able to offer support and reassurance throughout a case, as well as installing confidence in his client throughout the trial process.

Criminal defence:

Murder and serious violence

R v H <2019> Murder, ongoing.

R v P <2019> Murder, ongoing.

R v McAleer <2019> Attempted Murder – instructed after initial conviction to appeal conviction on grounds of jury irregularity.  Prosecution case that client deliberately pushed his girlfriend off 4th floor balcony attempting to kill her.  Warwick successfully represented client before Court of Appeal overturning his conviction and then client acquitted at retrial. 

R v Khalid <2018> Murder, stabbing.

R v Samardzija <2018> Murder; young defendant involved in escalating violence between two groups people using knives and machetes, successfully dismissed suggestion of joint enterprise, acquitted.

R v Stewart <2017> Murder.  Allegation that client murdered his authoress wife and disposed of her body in a cess pit.  Case attracted national publicity.

R v Holton <2016> Murder, joint enterprise stabbing, acquitted

R v Quinn <2016> Conspiracy to commit robbery and firearms, acquitted.

R v Crook <2016> Murder, acquitted.

R v Turney <2015> Murder, acquitted.

R v HW – Infanticide - allegation of Murder of a new borne child.  Successful application to dismiss on the grounds of weakness in the pathological evidence.  Prosecuted by a silk.

R v Parvez – conspiracy to rob with Firearms, acquitted.

R v Montori – acted as the leading junior in an attempted murder against a silk; involved complex expert evidence on mental/medical matters, including legal arguments on admissibility.

R v Yeter – two handed murder.  Successful submission of no case to answer.

R v Roberts - leading junior in a multi handed familial homicide case attracting national publicity (“Blue lagoon murder”).

R v G – attempted murder of an eight-month-old infant.

R v Lynch - sixteen handed murder case, acting for one of the principal defendants.

R v Back - case of murder and child cruelty, which attracted national publicity.

R v C – rape of wife by husband; acquitted in circumstances where the defendant made full admissions in police interview by leading evidence of false confessions from a senior psychiatrist.

R v Manley - Serious assault on child by father, child refused to give evidence and Crown sought to bring case solely based on hearsay evidence.  Involved analysis and presentation of argument on developing area of law and Supreme Court authorities (R v Horncastle) on admission of evidence where hearsay is “sole or decisive” evidence.

Fraud, Asset Forfeiture & Confiscation:

R v Barrington <2019> ongoing

R v Ali <2017> Fraud Conspiracy, acquitted,

R v Orozco - described as the largest cocaine money laundering case ever prosecuted in the United Kingdom (there were twenty-six defendants); Warwick identified a novel point on the meaning of benefit in the Proceeds of Crime Act, which was successfully argued before the court.

R v SC – Multimillion-pound fraudulent trading and money laundering case.  Warwick managed to reduce the client’s personal criminal benefit figure from over £500,000 to £35,000.

R v Bains – leading junior in multi-million money laundering case - acquitted.

R v Black – multi-million-pound boiler room fraud.

R v Koukoullis.  Leading counsel in £5 million contested confiscation proceedings. 

Drugs conspiracies

R v B <2019>, ongoing Leading counsel in 1.2 tonne Class A Drugs Conspiracy

R v Khan <2018>, Class A Drugs conspiracy

R v Carter <2017>, Class A Drugs Conspiracy and Firearms,

R v Akhtar.  Case involving client who had confessed to warehousing 30kg of heroin where there was no physical evidence of the drug. Confession occurred when police had received intelligence that defendant was about to be murdered by group of hitmen.  Case based solely on his confession.  Successfully persuaded judge to impose suspended sentence.

R v Gjuni – Conspiracy to supply class A - acquitted

Sexual Offences

R v Taylor <2016> Rape – acquitted

R v Campbell -  Stranger rape outside a nighclub involving young male with no previous convictions.  Acquitted

R v Sakar - Rape and Kidnap, acquitted


Other offences

R v D <2019> Perverting the Course of Justice, acquitted.

R v Wilkinson <2017> Death by Dangerous Driving, acquitted.

R v Merkt – highly sensitive child neglect case attracting national publicity as it involved an allegation that a mother left her three young children to go on her honeymoon.  Warwick persuaded the Recorder of Leeds to invite the crown to discontinue the case on both evidential and public interest grounds – the case was dropped as a result of these submissions.


  • Member of Grays’ Inn.
  • Previously appointed as the assistant secretary to the Criminal Bar Association and elected to the Bar Council as the nominated candidate for the Criminal Bar Association.
  • Pupil master.  Member of chambers’ pupillage and training committee, as a result of which I am regularly asked to give training and feedback to pupils