Mozammel Hossain QC

Mozammel has defended in some of the most complex and high profile cases in the country. He has been described by the Court of Appeal as an advocate of 'great eloquence’.

Recent and Notable Cases

Operation Bowen(2018)- Murder.

Operation Endorse(2018)- Drug related revenge shooting.

Operation Holms(2018)- Multiple gangs related shooting.

Operation Departer (2017) – Concerning escape to Syria of an aspiring jihadi who committed the ‘ISIS’ inspired murder of a local imam. 

Operation  Gospodar (2017)- Terrorism.

R v A & Ors (2017)- Gang related kidnap and firearms. 

Operation Windless (2016)- Large scale conspiracies to supply  heroin and cocaine in Hampshire that culminated in the killing of a local man carrying a firearm.

R v RM & Ors (2016)- Murder.

Operation Yiges (2016)- Terrorism.

Operation Crackerjack (2016)- Organised immigration fraud in relation to Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC). 

Operation Airbrick (2015)- Company director allegedly involved in a multi-million pound money laundering case relating to the under bond alcohol trading industry.

Operation Kodod (2014)- Murder.

Operation Van (2014)- Murder.

Operation Guildship (2014)- Terrorism.

Operation Sable (2014)- Organised car Ringing, drugs and firearms offences.

Operation Sallie (2014) - Escape (October 2013 escape from the John Howard Centre).

Operation Movie (2013) - Terrorism.

Re CD (2013)-  Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures.

R v H (2013) - Terrorism.

R v H (2013)- Alleged Assault on Hollywood actress Ms Tara Reid.

Operation Relko (2013) - Large scale conspiracies to supply heroin and cocaine.

R v A & Anor (2012) - Terrorism.

Operation Vex (2012) - MTIC Fraud arising out of the dealings of FCIB Bank in Europe and Dubai.

R v Lescinkas (2012) - Successful appeal against conviction for 'Nazi style' salutes at London Olympics.

Operation Langwood (2011) - Multiple large scale conspiracies to Supply heroin and cocaine across the UK.

R v U and Ors (2011) - ‘Cisco’ Fraud.

Operation Scarp (2011) - 'Crash for cash' Fraud.

R v I and Ors (2010) – Terrorism (the 'Blackburn Resistance' case).

R v A (2010) - Attempted Murder.

R v S and Anor (2010) - Conspiracy to Rape.

Operation Exhort (2010) - ‘Crash for cash’ Fraud.

R v C and Ors (2009) – Kidnapping and Blackmail by a Triad group.

R v Lusha (2009) - Terrorism.

R v A (2009)- Child Cruelty involving religious ceremonial self-flagellation of a child.

R v J A and Ors (2008) - Conspiracy to Murder.


  • University of Liverpool, LLB (Hons)
  • Inns of Court School of Law, Bar Vocational Course


  • Bengali