Rebecca Lee

Rebecca’s practice involves both defence and prosecution work, though with greater emphasis on the former. Aside from advocacy and advice in criminal matters, she has considerable experience of professional regulation and road traffic matters at every level.   

Legal 500  ‘Her ability to persuade juries, other counsel and the judiciary is impressive.’

Legal 500 'Extremely hardworking and an excellent advocate.

She has defended and secured the acquittal of defendants in cases involving serious offences of violence, rape, armed robbery, fraud, drugs offences, child cruelty and money laundering.  She has extensive experience of sex cases generally, and clients she has defended have been acquitted of sexual offences at every level of seriousness, whether facing charges of rape, assault by penetration, sexual assault or exposure.  She is not afraid to pursue cases that seem evidentially difficult. She has also had considerable success in persuading the prosecution not to proceed to trial in a number of serious cases.  A client acquitted of rape after trial in 2017 described her representation of him as “exceptional” and “absolutely impeccable”.  She has represented both elderly and child defendants facing trial for sexual allegations (including of an historic nature) where the issues have involved consent, identification and dispute as to fact. 

While she has represented defendants charged with a range of the most serious offences, she also understands that being charged with even a comparatively minor offence is a very stressful experience for most people. Recognising that the outcome of a case can have a significant effect on an individual’s future, she puts as much emphasis on case preparation for less grave allegations as for the most serious. 

Rebecca has dealt with a whole range of vulnerable and disadvantaged clients, including young defendants and those with serious mental illness. She is approachable and friendly and believes that client care is extremely important.  She always seeks to put clients at their ease by supporting them through the legal process as fully and sensitively as is possible and appropriate.

Notable Cases

  • R v M (2017)– a trial on charges of rape and other sexual offences where there are two adult defendants and three young complainants (ongoing).
  • R v D (2017)– a rape trial where the defence was a denial of intercourse despite compelling DNA evidence.
  • R v D (2017) – Led junior in a four-handed £2million conspiracy to defraud trial at Reading Crown Court.
  • R v G (2016) – trial of a case of ‘stranger’ rape of 18 year old woman in the street in the early hours of the morning.
  • R v M (2016) – represented a child in the youth court facing three charges of sexual activity with a child. The allegations were contested at trial, where the young age of both witnesses and defendant required considerable sensitivity. 
  • R v D (2016)– Led junior in an eight handed trial at Nottingham Crown Court where child sexual exploitation was alleged against more than twenty defendants in total (there were to be two subsequent trials). Indictment included counts of rape and conspiracy to rape. There were major issues of disclosure which contributed to the Judge deciding to stop the case at half time.
  • R v I (2015)– allegation of rape where the defendant disputed identification; the Crown eventually offered no evidence as a result of extensive work by the defence to highlight the extent of the evidence that pointed away from the suspect’s guilt. 
  • R v H (2015)– led junior in a four handed conspiracy to import 100 kilos of cocaine hidden in plastic bananas.
  • R v A (2014)– led junior in a case involving allegation of kidnap, wounding with intent and blackmail.  
  • R v M (2013) – Conspiracy to supply five kilos of cocaine
  • R v M (2013)– Attempted rape, where the Crown offered no evidence shortly before trial following defence representations as to the reliability of the evidence upon which the case was founded.
  • R v S (2013)– Led junior in conspiracy to kidnap, falsely imprison & blackmail (16 week trial).
  • R v W (2012) – Possession and Possession with intent to supply Class A drugs where the defence involved allegation that drugs were planted by police and, on a second count, duress.
  • R v W (2012) – Arson with intent to endanger life (in a hospital). 
  • R v D (2012) –S.18 alleged against father and two sons, all of good character, instructed for 17 year old son.  
  • R v D (2012) – Conspiracy to rob (cash in transit); involved issues of autrefois convict and abuse.
  • R v D (2011) – Cash in transit robbery alleged against a 17 year old boy.
  • R v D (2011) – Led junior in a multi handed conspiracy to rob involving firearms, following a lengthy Flying Squad surveillance operation. Major issues regarding disclosure resulted eventually in the Crown offering no evidence after several weeks of legal argument.
  • R v D (2011)– 16 year old defendant charged with cash in transit robbery where the defence was duress.
  • R v D (2011)– Trial of sexual activity with children charged against an 86 year old man with a long history of sexual offending and mental health problems.
  • R v D (2009) – Led junior in a historic case of alleged rape and child sexual abuse relating to eleven complainants on a 60 count indictment; this included a number of counts relating to indecent images of children.
  • R v D (2009)– Perverting the course of justice (false allegation of rape).

Reported cases

R v Clancy 2012 2 Cr.App.R. 7, CA

Successful appeal against conviction where the Court of Appeal agreed that the conviction of the defendant was unsafe where the trial judge had directed the jury to disregard the defendant's state of mind in determining whether she had a good reason for being in possession of a knife. The appeal was allowed and the conviction quashed.


  • BA (Hons) Modern History (Oxford)
  • MA Slavonic and East European Studies (UCL)
  • CPE (College of Law)
  • BVC (Inns of Court School of Law)

Previous Experience

Prior to qualifying as a barrister, Rebecca worked for three years as a policy adviser at the Law Society, and for six years at the British Council, both in the UK and overseas

Professional Membership

  • Criminal Bar Association
  • South Eastern Circuit
  • Association of Women Barristers
  • Lincoln’s Inn