Jason Bartfeld QC

Specialist in Criminal Law, Sports Law, Disciplinary Proceedings and Regulatory Law.

Having spent the first 10 years of practice acting predominantly for the Prosecution, in the last 10 years Jason has expanded his practice to replicas omega include a significant volume of Defence work at the very highest level. During that time he has been involved in some of the most notable cases tried across the country. In particular, Jason has specialist expertise in cases of homicide, serious/organised violence, fraud and large-scale drug trafficking (including complex confiscation proceedings). He is recognised as an expert in cases involving complex telephone/electronic evidence as well as cases involving complex legal issues of both joint enterprise and bad character.

Jason also acts in all aspects of disciplinary and regulatory work including sports law, professional disciplinary proceedings, environmental law, health and safety regulation, pharmaceutical regulation, consumer protection, firearms and insurance.

Notable Cases

& Terrorism

• R v Mohammed Safdar – Lead defendant accused of making a bomb threat on board an aircraft as a result of which a full terrorist alert was triggered. Acquitted on a submission of no case.

• R v Sean Carter – successful defence to a murder charge arising from a revenge attack by arson resulting in the deaths of a mother and three children when the wrong house was targeted.

• R v Omar Robinson: Defendant charged with murder during the course of an extensive violent disorder between rival gangs. Successful submission of no case.

• R v Usman Ahmed and Robual Islam - Appeared for two of the six Defendants accused of a Murder involving complex issues of secondary party liability where an unforeseen victim was attacked.

• R v Terry Carlos - Lead defendant in a drug related Murder case involving a cut-throat defence.

• R v DS - 18 year old accused of accused of Attempted Murder involving multiple stab wounds. Acquitted on a submission of no case.

• R v Hoang Thanh - Attempted Murder captured on CCTV arising out of an argument within the Vietnamese community. Acquitted of the main charge.

• R v Kyle Feverier: 14 year old who killed a shopkeeper with a single punch. Complex issues of non-conviction bad character and of sentencing.

• R v Branco Loncar - Successful defence of a request from the Republic of Croatia for the return of the Defendant, an ethnic Serb, to face a re-trial following his acquittal (under Yugoslav law) of the Murder of his wife.

Serious Violence / Firearms

• R v Joyah Campbell: The notorious 2011 riots case where Police were lured to the Barton’s Arms in Aston by gang members in order that they, and the Force Helicopter, could be shot at. The only unanimous acquittal in either of the split trials.

• R v Wesley Gray - Case Leader in the second of the Barton Arm's trials. WG alleged to be a gunman and criminal armorer for the events.

• Wesley Gray (2): Case Leader for the lead defendant in an allegedly staged drive-by shooting designed to discredit a prosecution witness in a gang related kidnapping case. The case against all 6 accused was stayed as an abuse of process after the cross-examination of the OIC.

• R v Leroy Williams - successful defence of a high-profile Police target on firearms charges who had allegedly shot himself in the leg whilst preparing to shoot a love rival.

• R v James Myatt - ‘Glassing’ resulting in the loss of an eye where the victim was already blind in the other eye. Acquitted of section 18 GBH.

• R v Adrian Brade - Successful defence of a high-priority Police target on firearms charges following a 12 hour armed siege.

• R v Andrew Jordan - Leading counsel in a case involving a gang related kidnapping and false imprisonment.

• R v Mark Neal - Successful defence of a man accused of an aggravated burglary during which a gun was held to a child.

• R v Fazlul Karim - Successful defence of a man accused of a baseball bat attack resulting in permanent brain injuries, the defence being ‘malicious identification’.

• R v Sanjay Keshav - Successful defence of a man (who was unfit to plead) linked to a charge of blackmail by CCTV and cell site evidence.

• R v Tahir Desai (Court of Appeal) - Successful appeal against a sentence of Imprisonment for Public Protection imposed for a serious Kidnapping offence.

Drugs Offences

• R v KM – Extensive undercover operation targeting an alleged Organised Crime Group in Spain, Holland and the UK. Repeated probing of Prosecution disclosure led to the case being dropped following PII rulings by the trial judge.

• R v Arnold Reginald Van Milt – Lead Defendant in a series of large-scale cocaine importations concealed in the rudder trunking of coal ships.

• Regina v Muhibullah Rustame & others. Extensive and long running drugs conspiracy. Acquitted on a submission of no case.

• R v Shaukat Mahmood - One of the first test cases in the Court of Appeal on the extent to which the Supreme Court's decision in R v Waya materially affects the operation of POCA.

• R v Steffan Simon - Lead defendant in a wholesale drugs distribution conspiracy.

• R v Benjamin Coxhead - Defendant found to be acting under duress whilst taking an active part in a wholesale drugs distribution operation.

• R v Paul McCusker (Court of Appeal) - Successful appeal of a long distance lorry driver accused of importing large quantities of controlled drugs.

• R v Veneroso - Case, reported in the Criminal Law Review, where the court excluded the evidence of the finding of a significant quantity of MDMA tablets as Police Officers had exceeded the ambit of their authorisation to search the Defendant’s home.


• R v L.C. – key defendant in a series of violent cash in transit robberies.

• R v Zameer Dassu - Series of artifice buglaries/robberies where the group posed as Police Officers and produced fake search warrants in order to attack low volume, high value premises in Leicestershire netting over £1 million. Unanimously acquitted.

• R v Damien Smith - Lead defendant in a series of cash in transit robberies.

• R v Angela Mireku & Others - 18-handed identity fraud allegedly involving the obtaining of over £10m from banks and credit card companies.

• R v Mohammed Safraz Sheikh & Others - Acted alone for one of 14 defendants accused of operating an international people smuggling ring.

• R v Tony Finnegan - 21-handed money laundering and tax fraud case.

Sports Law

• Re: 'It's a Man's Word': Appeared for the first two defendants in the most complex horseracing corruption inquiry ever conducted by the BHA.

• British Judo Association v A - One of the UK’s most respected coaches accused of historic sexual offences against students. Pursued by the BJA notwithstanding the CPS decision not to prosecute.


  • Jules Thorn Scholar – Middle Temple
  • BA (Hons) in Philosophy & Politics – University of Durham

Professional Memberships

Criminal Bar Association

South Eastern Circuit

Midlands Circuit

Registered Lawyer under the Football Association Agents Regulations


  • Cycling (often for charity)
  • Rugby (nowadays as a spectator)
  • Cooking
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  • (Above all) his young family