Simon Mayo QC

Simon Mayo specialises in the most serious and complex criminal cases. His skill and expertise in the field of serious crime has, for many years, been in demand by both defence solicitors and prosecution agencies. As a result, his practice continues to strike an even balance between defence and prosecution work.

"He is the most meticulous silk at the Criminal Bar, whose attention to detail is the reason why he wins cases."  

 "An accomplished advocate who has a sound legal mind and is very pleasant with it.” 

                                                                                Chambers UK Bar 2017

"Commands the complete confidence of the court."

"He is a skillful and sophisticated silk whose preparation is second to none."

                                                                              Chambers UK Bar 2016

Serious Fraud

Simon has particular experience and expertise in the full spectrum of serious fraud work, including frauds centred on the financial markets. He has been regularly instructed on behalf of the defence in serious fraud trials for many years.

The Serious Fraud Office has appointed him to both of their specialist panels for QCs (Serious Fraud and Proceeds of Crime). He is also instructed by the Financial Conduct Authority in relation to the investigation and prosecution of malpractice and fraud in the financial services sector.

He has been instructed in numerous very high value money laundering cases including those arising out of the operation of conventional and alternative banking systems across the world.

Regulatory Work

Simon advises individuals and corporate bodies on regulatory issues in the financial services sector.

He has appeared on behalf of the defence in respect of proceedings before a wide range of professional and sporting disciplinary bodies.

He is able to advise on all issues affecting director and corporate criminal liability including that under the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007.

He has also been instructed to advise in respect of criminal and quasi-criminal aspects of data protection law in the Channel Islands (Jersey).

Homicide and Other Serious Crimes

He has a wealth of experience in homicide cases and is regularly instructed as leading counsel in such cases on behalf of the defence and the prosecution.

He has also gained considerable experience in dealing with cases involving explosives and firearms.

Publications and Lectures

He is a regular author of articles commenting on recent developments in criminal law and lectures to other professionals on a wide range of current topics in the field of criminal law.

Notable Cases

Fraud and Financial Crime

  •   R v R, G and Ors – The largest tax fraud ever prosecuted by HMRC
  •   R v N and Ors – International investment fraud prosecuted by the FCA.
  •   R v G – SFO investigation into international bribery and corruption
  •   R v R, D and Ors - Advance fee fraud prosecuted by the SFO
  •   R v HK - Wine Investment fraud targeting American professionals - SFO
  •   R v KH - Multi-million pound MTIC fraud
  •   R v SS - Multi-million pound MTIC fraud and money laundering operation
  •   R v K - Large-scale Hawalla banking fraud / money laundering
  •   R v R - Cheating the revenue and money laundering on a massive scale
  •   R v F - Alleged multi-million pound MTIC fraud
  •   R v Mainstone - The UK's largest ever currency counterfeiting case
  •   R v Duffy - Counterfeiting of Sterling and Euros on a massive scale


  •   R v D – murder of a child who was alleged to have been groomed through an Internet gaming site.
  •   R v S – attempted murder of three women as they slept in their beds at central London hotel.
  •   R v H – attempted murder of  police officer with a handgun
  •   R v H and others - contract shooting of man on doorstep of his home
  •   R v N and Ors – killing of victim in the course of a conspiracy to rob.
  •   R v Magira - Defendant secretly administered abortifacient drugs to his wife
  •   R v K – attempted murder by nurse administering drug overdose to hospital paitent.
  •   R v M and Ors – murder arising from a drug turf war.
  •   R v J - Alleged gangland execution and decapitation
  •   R v AK - Strangulation of wife in presence of children
  •   R v S - Attempted murder of members of a police surveillance team
  •   R v Vincent - the 'Megaman' murder trial
  •   R v Durrani - The Rod Hall murder trial
  •   R v Abrams - The attempted murder of George Harrison

Other Serious Crime

  •   R v Tovey – bomb maker
  •   R v Wilkes - bomb maker
  •   R v S – Alleged plan to detonate a bomb on a Pakistan Airlines Boeing 777 bound for the UK.
  •   R v P - Kidnap and holding to ransom a young child
  •   R v Afridee - Immigration Fraud - Conspiracy to contravene the Immigration Act.

Professional Memberships

Criminal Bar Association (Former member of the Executive Committee)