Diana Pigot


  • BA (Hons) History

Since her call in 1978 Diana has practiced entirely at the Criminal Bar. She prosecutes and defends. She has considerable experience in dealing with cases involving violence, drugs, grave sexual offences and those involving children.

Diana has been a Leading Junior in a number of cases, particularly those involving sexual complaints. She is a Grade 3 prosecutor and is on the Rape List Panel. She has lectured defence solicitors on how to be successful in cases involving sexual offences. She sits as a DDJ in the Magistrates Court.
Diana has developed a specialist expertise in dealing with young and vulnerable defendants. Solicitors praise her patience and her ability to explain the law and facts in a way that defendants can understand.  Her main field of work involves serious sexual allegations (including rape and historical complaints).  Diana is often the first choice for someone charged with an offence of a sexual nature. Solicitors like her hands on approach, the fact that she works hard and to deadlines and is familiar with the complexities of the law. Defendants praise her ability to fairly put forward their case and explain issues. She has often been praised by the Court for conducting cross examination of vulnerable witnesses in a sensitive manner.
She is frequently instructed to represent those charged with non accidental injuries to children and has done a number of ‘baby shaking ‘cases. She has extensive expertise in cross examining co defendants in ‘cut throat’ defences and in dealing with expert evidence from the medical profession.
She was also involved in the case of R v C (sexual activity with a person with a mental disorder impeding choice). This case involved the cross examination of a number of psychiatrists. An appeal to the Court of Appeal was successful. The Crown then appealed to the House of Lords. It is still the leading authority.

Recent Cases This Year

R v S - Defendant charged with serious sexual assaults on two young girls. After successful legal argument a basis of plea was advanced which considerably reduced sentence.

R v B - Defendant in his late 50s charged with a number of serious sexual assaults on a young girl over a period of time. Element of grooming.

R v Y - Defendant very immature, charged with rape on a number of occasions on a girl under 16.

R v S - and another defendant charged with child cruelty with partner. Child 6 weeks old suffered numerous non accidental fractures and possible brain damage. A number of experts were instructed by the defence and prosecution.

Current cases

R v H - Defendant charged with numerous historical sexual assaults on three complainants. There will be legal argument on jurisdictional issues.

R v C - Defendant aged 15 and suffering from learning difficulties stabbed a fellow pupil with a chisel causing paralysis and brain damage which might result in a murder charge.