Gerard Renouf

Gerard Renouf is a criminal practitioner of considerable experience who both prosecutes and defends in London and the South East.  He has been engaged in a number of important trials ranging from murder, fraud, drugs importation and serious sexual abuse.

Recent Notable Cases

R v G Basildon Crown Court - Prosecuted in a £200 000 insurance fraud by an insurance agent on an elderly victim.   The victim was deceased at the time of trial.

R v N Southwark Crown Court - Prosecution Junior to Martin Heslop QC in an historic case of rape and buggery of a very elderly victim in the course of a burglary, with the evidence resting mainly on LCN DNA.  The victim was deceased at the time of the trial and the case was considerably complicated by the defendant having multiple convictions for burglary, but none for any sexual assault.

R v S Snaresbrook Crown Court - Prosecuted a defendant who was declared 'unfit' for trial for rape and buggery of a victim with Down's Syndrome.

R v D (and Others) Chelmsford Crown Court - Prosecuted a conspiracy to defraud involving the case of multiple stolen US credit cards through a garage outlet in Essex.

R v A Canterbury Crown Court - Defended in a conspiracy to export high value dismantled Mercedes cars from the UK to Africa.

R v M Southwark Crown Court - Defended on a 12 count indictment where the complainant was falsely imprisoned and repeatedly raped and generally assaulted over a two day period.

R v W Basildon Crown Court - Prosecuted an armed robber of a Securicor van (£60000 value).  The case turned upon the reliability of DNA evidence.  The Court of Appeal sought my opinion on Low Copy Number DNA generally.  The Appellant subsequently abandoned his appeal on that point.  The appeal is still under consideration.

R v M Croydon Crown Court - Instructed on behalf of a defendant declared criminally insane on the authority of two psychiatrists, with the Crown asserting that the defendant was entirely responsible for his acts.  This case is still continuing (threats to kill, dangerous driving, criminal damage).

Professional Memberships

  • Criminal Bar Association
  • South Eastern Circuit