Gareth Hughes

  • LL.B (UCL)

Over the past 25 years, Gareth has developed a reputation as an extremely able criminal advocate. Those who instruct him, find him to be friendly and approachable but also hard working. He is often instructed in cases that require a particularly sensitive approach. He is usually able to get on with and reassure even the most difficult and troubled lay clients. In court, he is well-prepared and persuasive and is considered to be a first-rate jury advocate. Gareth is regularly instructed in all areas of heavyweight criminal work, more often than not as a leading junior. He is also frequently led by Queen’s counsel.

Although regarded predominantly as a defence practitioner, Gareth is also instructed regularly by the Crown. (Grade 3).

Gareth is also instructed to represent British soldiers in Courts Martial both in the United Kingdom and abroad. He has successfully represented soldiers charged with murder. He has also successfully represented soldiers charged with offences ranging from the most serious sexual allegations to more mundane service offences. He is able to receive instructions to represent those tried abroad and within the United Kingdom.  

Notable Cases

 Instructed as a leading junior:

  • Regina-v-R.R - Murder: Epping Forest “honour killing”.
  • Regina-v-T.F - Murder. Mentally disturbed defendant killing partner.
  • Regina-v-J.P - Murder. Drunk defendant knifing best friend.
  • Regina-v-R.F - Attempted murder. Horrific attack causing multiple injuries.
  • Regina-v-B.G - Causing death by dangerous driving. Newly qualified driver loses control. Car hits group of school children.
  • Regina-v-M.T  - Conspiracy to supply class A drugs. Major police operation to eradicate drug supply in residential area. Main defendant out of  some 50 arrested.

 Instructed as a lead junior:

  • Regina-v-B & Others - Murder: Gangland contract killing.
  • Regina-v-C - Kidnapping, false imprisonment and sexual assaults on members of family.
  • Regina-v-D.T - Murder. Husband on wife.
  • Regina-v-S.H & Others - Attempted Murder. Machete attack.
  • Regina-v-Pt. M & Others - Courts Martial. Murder.

Professional Memberships

  • Criminal Bar Association
  • South Eastern Circuit
  • Essex Bar Mess
  • Association of Military Court Advocates