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Asset Forfeiture and Confiscation Barristers

The Crown Court has the power to seize and deprive individuals and third parties of their assets. A confiscation order can have a devastating effect on an individual, their family, business associates or any third party who potentially has a claim on disputed assets.

At 187 Chambers we have a formidable reputation for prosecuting and defending, and have a number of barristers expert in the fields of asset forfeiture and confiscation.

Why choose 187 barristers?

  • Our specialist team recognize the impact confiscation can have on peoples’ lives
  • We will provide comprehensive, expert advice and advocacy to gain the right results
  • We are at the forefront of defending serious financial litigation.

Examples of Our Cases Include:

NCA v JN Jason Bartfeld  -Advising on the steps to be taken following an apparent breach of a Consent Order by the National Crime Agency in civil Proceeds Of Crime Act proceedings

R v MR.Jason Bartfeld  -Defending in a confiscation application following a Modern Slavery conviction involving complex distinctions between the benefit of individual directors as opposed to the (not prosecuted) corporate body

R v DSarah O’Kane instructed on contested confiscation hearing over a number of days dealing with issues both as to benefit and available amount

R v TSarah O’Kane instructed to deal with confiscation proceedings relating to what was heralded possibly the biggest cannabis factory found in England with the potential to afford a multi-million pound profit

LBC v UA:  Edward Duncan-Smith instructed in a multi-handed POCA confiscation proceedings in which the prosecuting Borough Council alleged over £800,000 of criminal benefit by the client.  A settlement was ultimately negotiated in the sum of just £150,000

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