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R v McG – Central Criminal Court – 2019

Criminal Defence

Matthew Bagnall, leading Sasha Bailey, secure the acquittal of “McG” the lead defendant in the first modern prosecution of the Hijacking of an ocean going ship, following an eight week trial at the Central Criminal Court, prosecuted by T. Badenoch QC.

It was alleged that the 4 Defendants, led by “McG”, having stowed away in Lagos, Nigeria, sought to seize control as the ship entered the English Channel and divert the ship to the coast.

The crew having fled to the bridge, armed UK special forces subsequently stormed the ship by helicopter to re-secure control of the ship.

The ship concerned was the ‘Grande Tema’, a ship that is heavier than the UK’s largest aircraft carrier, and only slightly shorter in length than the Houses of Parliament.

The allegation was denied and after extensive cross examination of the Captain and crew during an eight week trial, the Jury acquitted McG and his 3 co-defendants of attempted Hijack.

R v MH – 2019

Criminal Defence

Jason Bartfeld QC represented MH at Birmingham Crown Court who was charged with the Attempted Murder of a Police Officer. Last month he pleaded guilty to causing Grievous Bodily Harm with intent to resist arrest, as well as 11 other offences, and was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment. The case attracted national publicity.
Jason was instructed by Omar Sadique of Sadique and Uddin Solicitors.

R v Ackah – 2019

Criminal Defence

David Lyons secured acquittal after a jury retirement of less than an hour in a county lines case of a man found alone in a cuckooed flat, with large amounts of drugs and money whilst the drug line phone was in his pocket.

R v P – 2019

Criminal Defence

Karl Volz represented a defendant in an indecent images indictment (including images of his own daughter) at Ipswich CC (instructed by Gepp & Sons solicitors) in which the jury unanimously acquitted on all counts.

R v AM – 2019

Criminal Defence

Kate Nutter was instructed in this case where AM, along with six co-defendants, were charged with Modern Slavery Offences. The trial went on for three months before the jury was discharged. The case involved extensive legal argument, including successful applications: to exclude evidence and prevent the admission of bad character evidence.

R v. Robert Pomphrett – Chelmsford Crown Court 2019

Regulatory Law

Neil Fitzgibbon instructed in HSE prosecution following the tragic death of a concrete gang layer where a hose attached to a concrete pump lorry suffered a blockage and then released which resulted in a violent sudden release of high pressure air causing the rubber hose attached to the metal boom to whip and cause the death of the concrete layer holding the end of the hose. The defendant and his Co were acquitted of all Health and Safety allegations.

R v TP (Maidstone Crown Court) –

Criminal Defence

Defendant was acquitted of Affray following a 6 day trial. The Defendant was also charged with possession of an offensive weapon, and the charge was dismissed following a successful half-time submission of no case to answer. The matter was further complicated by the fact that the initial investigation was commenced in relation to an attempted murder where the defendant was the victim of a stabbing.

R v Zhang – 2019

Criminal Defence , Fraud and Financial Crime

Peter Guest instucted to defend principal defendant in £1.6m money laundering.

R v G (City of London Magistrates’ Court) –

Criminal Defence

Tom Worden was instructed in a case where G, who had 13 previous convictions for burglary, stood accused of attempted burglary after two witnesses saw him climb scaffolding and smash the window on the third floor of a house in Fulham. He was acquitted after trial.

R v Q (Southend Youth Court) ­–

Criminal Defence

Tom Worden was instructed in a case where Q was accused of attempted burglary and handling £19,000-worth of stolen goods. The Crown served cell site evidence, phone records, ANPR and CCTV all said to incriminate Q, who was acquitted of both counts following a submission of no case to answer.