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R v W – 2020 – Kingston Crown Court

Criminal Defence

David Lyons secured the dismissal of counts of Robbery, Aggravated Burglary and Disqualified Driving at a dismissal hearing on the basis that a SFR1 DNA analysis was not admissible at a dismissal hearing.

R v M – 2020 – Canterbury Crown Court

Criminal Defence

David Lyons secured the acquittal of the Defendant on charges of possession of class “A” drugs with intent to supply in a case that turned on DNA analysis and breaches by the Police of the CPIA codes.

R v R – 2020 – Inner london Crown Court

Criminal Defence

Tom Worden insructed to defend in Operation Cullim. The prosecution said R had a leading role in two Class A drugs conspiracies selling heroin and crack cocaine worth £1,000-a-day for six months. Sentenced as Significant Role/Category 3 (5 years) following submissions.

R v C – 2020 – Wood Green Crown Court

Criminal Defence

Andrew Newton leading counsel and Satya Chotalia led counsel in multi – handed trial indicted with conspiracy to supply class A drugs , conspiracy to keep a brothel for purposes of prostitution and large scale money laundering. Acquitted of brothel keeping and money laundering

R v JK – 2020 – Ipswich Crown Court

Criminal Defence

Emma Nash represented Mr Kingston in this complex and difficult case, achieving through thorough and effective written and oral mitigation a just result in this extremely sad case.


R v RS – 2020 – Woolwich Crown Court

Criminal Defence

David Lyons secured the release of a defendant on bail failing disclosure failures by the CPS preventing a domestic violence trial going ahead, leading to a potential breach of the CTL

R v B – 2020 – Harrow CC

Criminal Defence

Tom Worden instructed to defend B, who has a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia, was charged with violently assaulting two schoolboys in random attacks in the street. He was found to be unfit to plead. Following a trial of the issue he was made subject to a s.37/s.41 hospital order with restrictions.

R V PS (2020) – Woolwich Crown Court

Criminal Defence

Mr Lyons defended in a firearms case centred around the “curio or ornament” exemption for antique firearms.

R v K – 2019 – Woolwich CC

Criminal Defence

David Lyons successfully defends in a nine handed gang-land kidnapping case.  The complainant was found tied up half naked in the Defendant’s bath, the defence was that the whole kidnap had been faked to scam the complainant’s family.

R v B – 2020 – Basildon CC

Criminal Prosecution

Emma Nash prosecuting, secured the conviction of a care worker who had seriously and repeatedly sexually abused an elderly man with significant mental health illnesses he was charged with caring for in his own home.